CT-ing is believing

Make Hallmarq's Standing Equine Leg CT your next step in lameness diagnosis

“The installation was very straightforward. We opted for the Modular Room which meant the device arrived in its own purpose-built room. All we needed to do was lay a concrete pad. Once it arrived, it was ready to go. The horses are all very happy walking in and out of the low ramp and we have full ongoing support from the team at Hallmarq to ensure we are maximising its use.” Tom McParland, Surgeon, Valley Equine Hospital
"The 3D information generated from Hallmarq’s standing CT has helped us with our diagnoses and provided more information than conventional imaging modalities in many cases already." Alison Fairburn, Specialist in Diagnostic Imaging
“Standing Equine Leg CT is now our first port of call for complex proximal sesamoid fractures where we have concerns over configuration. Generating data sets is quick and easy and image resolution can be just as impressive as MRI." Henry O'Neill, Donnington Grove Equine Vets

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