Welcome to the Next Generation

Zero-Helium Small Animal 1.5T MRI only from Hallmarq

Experience the efficiency of a system specifically designed without the need for helium,  while maintaining superb image quality.


The NEW Zero Helium Small Animal 1.5T system from Hallmarq is the FIRST and ONLY veterinary-specific 1.5T system worldwide that doesn't rely on the scarce resource, HELIUM, to cool the magnet.

Designed from the ground up with animal anatomy and veterinary users in mind 

99% uptime guarantee - decrease costs, avoid wasted time and increase customer satisfaction with an MRI system that consistently delivers

Unique self-shielded system - reduce room construction costs

Trailer option available - if space is an issue, minimize upfront installation costs

Easy-to-use software - veterinary-optimized imaging protocols

V-shaped bed and spine coil with open-top head coils designed specifically for patient positioning to support high-quality images essential to diagnosis

Award-winning Q-Care support -  our commitment to your success includes  installation planning, marketing services, remote monitoring and more

Remote Operator Service - run your MRI remotely using our expertise. We can support labor shortages and eliminate the requirement for expert resources