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We appreciate that cost is an overriding factor in planning for the addition of advanced diagnostics at your clinic. With the Hallmarq 1.5T Small Animal MRI in-hospital option, you could reduce up-front building costs by as much as $70,000.

When building a new site, or fully integrating MRI into your existing structure, our in-hospital solution is the right choice for your practice. Based on best practice safety guidelines, a standard in-hospital scanning room requires a space approximately 25-ft long X 15-ft wide and will be at least 9-ft tall; large enough to encompass the 5-gauss magnetic field.

Unlike human-specific MRIs, with their complex and expensive radio-frequency shielded rooms, the scanning room for a Hallmarq Small Animal MRI machine can be constructed using conventional building methods and materials due to our unique built-in RF shield. 

Designed specifically for small animal anatomy, our zero-helium 1.5T high-field system is the complete imaging solution. Backed by our exclusive Q-Care program, we're here to support your advanced imaging journey every step of the way.

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